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About This Project

Media Apocalypse

The project «Media Apocalypse» is inspired by medival illumination and questions our view on the contemporary world, by adopting a seemingly far-away perspective, based on the idea that religion has been replaced by the belief in economic growth in the occidental world.

As in the Middle Ages, the media today make us believe that the end is near : The crisis is ecomomical, political, ecological, and the imminent catastrophes seem to be our punishment for a life of sin. Fear has always been an excellent way of controlling people.

This series transforms what we see on the News every day into a dreamlike visual language, as if the rational neoliberal world we live in were haunted by subconscient ancient fears, crowded by monsters and symbols which need to be deciphered . The technique of illumination seems grotesquely out of time and underlines, not without irony, the fact that some things never change.

«Media Apocaplypse» explores the parallels between the Middle Ages and today, playing with a subjective form of narration, inventing images for an uprooted world.

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